Grec Parisien is a brand created by two French nationals, Joseph (the CEO) and Yannick, (the co-founder), for a Kebab restaurant in Montreal.

I worked with them for 8 weeks creating their visual identity and designing their website. I also approached a developer to collaborate with me in building the website.

The challenge 

The clients had two goals in mind for this restaurant:

  • Create a brand identity which efficiently communicates a high quality service and standard to its audience;
  • Communicate attributes on the brand which can celebrate the city of Paris and its football Club Paris-Saint Germain.

I was delighted to work on this project as the designer in charge of creating the logo, identity system and website UI.

I worked in collaboration with the developer for the creation of the website and with both, CEO and co-founder to communicate and be in alignment with their business goals since the beginning of the Project.

My challenge here was to ensure the creation of a great and consistent visual identity taking into consideration the business and audience needs.

What I did 

Following below, is the scope of the tasks I worked through to address the initial problem and deliver the final solution:

  • Strategy;
  • Identity Design (Logo, Typography, colours);
  • UX/UI Design.


After a brief conversation with the clients, we decided to brainstorm and work on a solid strategy before taking on any work on the project. A good strategy often drives a project to its success and minimise failures. It was important to go over the project goals together and understand the audience we were creating this for.

During this discovery phase, we defined the core attributes of the brand Grec Parisien in order to know how it should sound and feel to its audience. We did this through a series of exercises where we were able to extract and refine the key pillars of the brand. This step was crucial, as it defined the brand’s personality: how it should look, sound, and act.

    Brand attributes
  • Classy;
  • Premium;
  • Quality;
  • Professional;
  • Simple.

Identity Design

The Logo

I created the final logo by first creating a clean symbol of a kebab sandwich. I associated this symbol with a bold and thick typeface to make the name GREC PARISIEN stand out’ taying consistent with the brand attributes to keep the logo visually balanced, clean and simple.


The clients wanted to use a sans-serif font which combines well with their logo and easy to use for the copy. I decided to use the geometric font “Gotham” for the headlines. This font is strong, bold and easy to read. As the logo could be printed or used as a sign, it was important to choose such a font. For the body copy, I decided to use a traditional “Lato” Google font. This font is clear and readable. It combines well with the font we chose for headlines.

Colour palette

To add a French touch to the brand, I decided to get inspiration from the colours used for the team PSG, which are mainly a blue, navy and dark red. Those colours are also the ones used on the French flag. I also decided to add a premium gold colour to make the brand look posh and of a high standard.

UI/UX design

The clients asked me to work on a responsive version of a website for their restaurant to help them promote their brand online. The website would be a tool for them to sell their menu and communicate online with their customers.

The goal was to make it easy for users to discover the restaurant, to learn about the menu and best deals offered by the restaurant. We all believed that this was an essential tool to help their business grow and collect more customers.

Impact & results

This project has been interesting and I learned a lot. As I was involved from the beginning, I saw the project taking shape, in line with all the initial requirements. Facilitating ideas and working in close collaboration with stakeholders, was important as together, we managed to establish a visual identity communicating the desired values.

The identity we created, makes GREC PARISIEN unique.



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